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There are several business events or changes that can occur within a company that will require the filing of an amendment to the original incorporation/formation documents. An amendment filing is often the first step in making certain company changes official, and are most commonly known as an  “Amendment of Incorporation” or an “Amendment of Organization”.

Whether the changes are simple or fundamental to the business structure, state laws requires the Secretary of State must be notified by filling an amendment to the company’s original articles or incorporation to keep records accurate and up to date.

Some examples of amendment filings include:

  • Company name changes
  • Business Address changed
  • Business activities or purpose has changed
  • Changes of Officers, Directors or Members
  • Number of stock certificates issued
  • Par Value of Company’s stock certificates

Most amendments are filed in the domestic state, although you may be required to file amendments if a foreign qualification has been obtained in states other than the original state of formation/incorporation when certain information has changed.

We file your articles of amendment on your behalf to stay compliance with state statues and to keep you and your business protected against any liability or claim. Let us know what would you like to change and we will take care of the rest.

      • Name Change
      • Address Change
      • Officer, Director or Member Change
      • Number of Authorized Shares
      • Business Entity Conversion

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      As defined by some states, conversion means the continuance of an entity into another entity.

      Companies can change their legal format for different causes. An LLC may want to convert to a C Corporation to make easier the incorporation of new shareholders, investors, seek venture capital or for tax purposes. A Corporation can convert to a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to take advantage of the pass through feature allowed to an LLC, no longer need to issue stocks or simply different management requirements for the company.

      Regardless of the reasons to convert an entity, Fast Inc USA can assist you with the intricate process that usually involves the preparation of: Plan of Conversion, Certificate of Conversion and Articles of formation for the converted entity.

      Let us know your conversion needs and we will help you to complete the process smoothly and swiftly.


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