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Incorporating your business is just the first step of entrepreneurship.
You will need to apply for Licenses and Permits.

Every business needs to have proper federal, state, and local licenses and permits to operate legally All new business must apply for a business license before open the doors. The licenses and permits required will vary and will depend on the industry, line of business (product, services or profession) and the agencies, divisions or departments regulating the business activities at Federal, State and local levels which includes County and City.

Failure to obtain or renew the appropriate business licenses and permits will result in notices, fines, penalties and forced closure of your business as a resulted of unlicensed activities.

 This process of identifying, researching and applying for the required licenses and permits can be daunting, cumbersome, time-consuming and overwhelming for a new business owner.

We are here to help. We assist you in getting the right business licenses and permits. With our Business License Package, our compliance team identifies your business’s specific license, permit, and tax registration requirements according to the industry and regulatory agencies governing your business activities. Our packet will include application forms, instructions, and the right contact information for the pertinent authorities. You just need to fill out and send it with applicable fees. If you still need help with this, our Premium Business License Package go the extra mile and fill everything for you. You just need to sign the forms. If a third party designee is available, we even file on your behalf. Contact us to get started.

Examples of commonly required licenses and permits include:

  •  Business Tax certificate
  • Occupational licenses
  • Tax registrations
  • Business and Professional Regulations
  • Health Department Permits
  • Business specific related licenses
  • Sales Tax exemption certificate
  • Zoning and land-use permits

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